warranty & return policy for Alesco Int. AB




The product warranty only covers original manufacturing defects, i.e. not defects that occur in connection with or after changing the product’s function or appearance, e.g. remodelling, upgrading or other configuration. Your order confirmation serves as your warranty certificate. Please find more information below regarding what applies to your product. Warranties for our various Induction Heaters apply only if all service, maintenance and repair required by the user manual and the service plan are carried out by one of our authorized workshops.



Your right to claim non-conformity includes products that are defective according to our applicable consumer protection legislation. Customers who want to claim defects in ordered products must contact us as soon as possible after the defect has been discovered at support@alesco.se
Claims of non-conformity made within two months from the time you discover the defect are always considered to have been filed on time. You have a two-year right to claim non-compliance for products purchased on the website. You should always make non-conformity claims as soon as possible to make sure you do not forfeit your rights


We always reimburse our customers when non-conformity claims have been accepted.


Once a product has been returned and the non-compliance claim has been approved, we will compensate you under the terms of applicable consumer protection law. Our goal is to do this within 30 days of receiving the non-conformity claim, however it may take longer, depending on the type of product. We reserve the right to deny non-conformity claims if the product is not defective under the terms of the applicable consumer protection legislation. Upon claiming of non-conformity, we follow the guidelines from the Swedish Consumer Agency. More information is available at www.konsumentverket.se.


Warranties for our Induction Heaters only apply if all service, maintenance and repair required by the user manual and the service plan have been performed by one of our authorized workshops.


We pay the cost of repairs of approved warranty claims. You should always contact our customer service first if a warranty claim occurs. The workshop to which you take your Induction Heater must contact us before performing any repairs. We do not pay the cost of repairs carried out without our approval. You are responsible for finding a local authorized workshop and you are also responsible for taking your Induction Heater to the workshop for repair and for picking it up afterwards.


We offer a two year warranty for our Induction Heaters and its components. Please find more information below. The two-year warranty we provide covers manufacturing defects. 

The warranty assumes that:

  • The Alesco induction heater has been correctly installed and inspected in accordance with local regulations.
  • The Alesco induction heater has not been modified in any way without approval from Alesco International AB.
  • Only original parts from Alesco International AB have been used for repairs.
  • The induction heater has been utilised and maintained in accordance with Alesco International’s instructions.

In the event of a warranty claim against Alesco International AB the customer must be able to prove that the fault has arisen within the warranty period and that the Alesco induction heater has been used in accordance with the specified instructions and technical data. Warranty claims must also contain details about the product type and serial number.

The warranty does not cover:

  • The warranty does not cover damage arising from inappropriate or careless use, overloading, negligent maintenance or natural wear and tear.
  • The warranty does not cover the inductor or the hose package IF its not a known manufacturing defect.

These terms where set by us on January 14, 2021