Alesco A80



A multi-purpose induction heating tool that works on any metal

Quit using open flames or inefficient handheld induction heaters that cannot get the job done. The Induction heater Alesco A80 is a portable, yet highly efficient, induction heater that is designed to heat any metal, and will help you work fast and secure whether you are an auto-repair, car garage, truck workshop, or in the industrial maintenance business.

Alesco A80 induction heater is designed to heat any metals and for every application

Despite its compact frame, the A80 induction heater generates 3,7 kW of electrical output and is highly efficient for heating steel. It is efficient enough to work on all metals, including copper and aluminum, but at slightly lower efficiency. Common alloys, such as brass and stainless steel, are no match for this portable induction heating machine either. Whatever induction heating application you need – such as bolts, nuts, rods, pipes, plastic decals – the A80 induction heater can help you solve your problem.

A mobile induction heater to be used everywhere

Alesco A80 induction heater is designed with mobility in mind. The compact format and low weight make it easy to carry it with you in the garage or workshop. Place it on a workbench and simply plug it into an EU standard 230VAC+PE electrical output and you are all set. Due to its low electrical demands, the A80 is a popular inductive heating tool in many service vans, and the unit will run off a generator if no power source is available.

Work for longer without external cooling

The total running time before the A80 needs to cool down is approximately 12 min at an ambient temperature of 20°C. If you need to extend the heating time you can, with the help of an external pump, hose and water connections, connect for example a water canister to your A80, since it is equipped with an additional internal cooling circuit. (Water connections are included, pump and hose are sold separately). The A80 induction heater has a built-in water tank with environmentally friendly antifreeze. It can safely be stored and transported in temperatures down to -20°C. However, we always recommend using a transport case for longer transports. The unit will continuously monitor the water flow and warn you if there is any problem with the cooling.


Flexible heating tips for any occasion

The Alesco A80 induction heater is delivered with a standard heating tip (90 degrees) which covers many situations, but can also be fitted with other heating tips, depending on the occasion. For small and cramped spaces, there is a forward-pointing heating tip that allows you to access tricky areas more easily. If you are working with wheels and tires, there is a heating tip especially designed for wheel bolts. Changing between different heating tips is quick and easy. Just unscrew the existing tip and screw on the one you want to use – all done in less than 30 seconds and without any tools.

Ease of use guaranteed – “plug and heat”

Upon delivery, the Alesco A80 induction heater comes pre-filled with a cooling agent and is prepared to get into action immediately. No installation or lengthy manuals are needed, thanks to its user-friendly interface. The simplistic design on the front panel shows the 6 power steps, as well as indicators for overheating and water flow. As soon as you plug in the A80 portable induction heating tool, it will run a self-diagnostic test for a few seconds and then you’re ready to apply heat. Simply place the heating tip on your workpiece and press the button.

Designed to keep you safe

Designing safe machines that help you create a safe working environment is a core focus at Alesco. The Alesco A80 induction heater complies with 2013/35/EU, the European directive regarding health and safety in exposure to magnetic fields. There is also built-in overheating protection and short circuit protection.


Art.No: 100880 (1.7 m)/Art.No: 100888 (3 m)

2 950.00 (1.7m) /  3 150.00 (3m)




Main supply: 208 – 240 VAC+PE / 4-16 A/50-60 Hz. Can run from standard generators.
Enclosure: IP21
Power control: 5 steps
Working frequency: 17-40 kHz
Output power: 3,7 kW
Weight: 15 Kg (with full water tank)
Dimensions: (LxWxH) 45x22x25 (centimeters)
Hose length Extended (3 meters), Standard (1.7 meters)
Cooling system: Internal and external water cooling. External couplings included.
Available heating tips: 90 degrees (included). Forward-facing tip and wheel bolt tip optional.
Product Warranty:
2 years


208 – 240 VAC+PE / 4-16 A/50-60 Hz. Can run from standard generators.


5 steps

17-40 kHz

3,7 kW

15 Kg (with full water tank)

(LxWxH) 45x22x25 (centimeters)

Extended (3 meters), Standard (1.7 meters)

Internal and external water cooling. External couplings included.

90 degrees (included). Forward-facing tip and wheel bolt tip optional.

2 years

1.7 or 3m hosepackage


3 different

Inductors /
Heating tips