About Induction heating

“Induction heating is a contactless method that can be used to heat metals. The main applications for our induction heaters is for releasing mechanical joints, heat alignment and pre-/post heating of welded parts in production processes”


With induction, there is much talk about the induction heater’s power. But the power is only one of three important parameters. The other two are the surface across which the power is produced and the frequency. The power per unit area is a very important ratio where the inductor itself is completely crucial for achieving a high power density. In this area, Alesco are world leaders.

The last factor, the frequency, is always a compromise. In principle, the lower the frequency, the deeper magnetic penetration you get into the material. Alesco’s 3-phase machines works in a fixed frequency of 15–18 kHz (depending on model) which creates a deep heat within the material, and in general – this is what you want.

When heating on higher frequencies you create a surface heat with the risk of over heating and also damaging the surface.



The main applications for our induction heaters is for releasing mechanical joints, heat alignment and pre-/post heating of welded parts in production processes.

Induction is quite different from using an open flame as the heat is created immediately deep in the part you heat. With induction, an immediate difference in temperature is created between the various parts of the joint, causing movement and “breaking” the bonding and reduces the torque necessary to release the joint.

It is also a gentle process in comparison to the open flame and you will save time since you don’t have to dismantle heat sensitive parts. Key words – time saving, no open flame, better working environment, less fumes when heating painted parts, immediate expansion of the joint etc.



  • Achieve an increased control of the heating process
  • Increase desired part expansion due to penetrating heat
  • Save time – no need for dismantling heat sensitive parts
  • Remove the need for direct contact while heating
  • Heat all metals in a controlled manor, also non-magnetic ones such as copper, aluminium and stainless steal.


  • Minimize fumes during heating
  • Possibility to lower insurance costs by removing
    the risks with gas
  • A more ergonomic way to work 
  • No need for extra protection gear
  • Common injuries to the shoulders and back and crush injuries
    can be avoided by letting the induction heat do the job for you
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Designed to keep you safe

Designing safe machines that help you create a safe working environment is a core focus at Alesco.Our portable induction heaters complies with 2013/35/EU, the European directive regarding health and safety in exposure to magnetic fields. There is also built-in overheating protection and short circuit protection.

With our Induction heaters we make your job easier!
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